Trope Lessons

At MetroWest Jewish Day School, students learn to read Torah in the third grade.

Taamim Army updated

These are the “melodies” for each Taamim Phrase, as heard in the Taamim Army Torah Trope recording in this playlist :

Listen to Mapach-Pashta-Munach-ZakefKaton here.

Listen to Zakef-Gadol here.

Listen to Mercha-Tipcha-Munach-Etnachta here.

Listen to Munach-Munach-Revi’a here.

Listen to Darga-Tevir-Mercha-Tevir here.

Listen to Gershayim and Pazer here.

Listen to Munach Telisha-Ketana here.

Listen to Kadma-V’azla and Telisha-Gedola here.

Listen to Azla-Geresh and Yetiv here.

Listen to Munach-Zarka-Munach-Segol here.

Listen to Mercha-Tipcha-Mercha-SofPasuk here.

Listen to Tipcha SofAliyah here.


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